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SCHRECK Siegfried, Germany

alt: SCHRECK Siegfried


Siegfried Schreck was born in Bottrop / Germany in 1948 he take the first brush with a computer in the mid eighties in 1998 he started with digital photogaphy and digital painting he has published 4 books with poems and lyrics for rock musicians he wrote also lyrics for childrens he has won international prices for his artworks his works can consider in many international online-artgalleries actual he create covers for books and CD's


I do believe that with the 21st century a new culture within art started. Digital art is one form that expresses this new age. Digital art will itself paralell to tradtional painting and offers a wide range of experimentation and open discussion fields. The present is for me as a digital painter exiting and full with suspense – a big adventure.,

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