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REPKA Vladimír, Slovakia

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Vladimir Repka, the nick name (MysteriousMan) was born in Bratislava, Slovakia (former Czechoslovakia) in 26, October 1959. Although profesionally he is a scientist (PhD.), he has been involved with art his whole life. He started pastels then moved to doing scientific drawings in his teens then progressed into oils and acrylic painting techniques. More recently, he strictly focused on digital and mixed media painting using a highly sophisticated PC tools.


I have a passion for creations that tribute the women forms, portraits, landscapes, and due my warmest religious feelings also sacral themes. Moreover, the graphical rendering of mathematical operations, i. e. creating a high quality fractal flames is also in the focus of my art interests. Have been in top ten placements in On-line galleries of world wide competition. A numerous awards have been addressed to my digitally painted artworks, as well. If you like the computer made creations then watch my artwork portfolio and enjoy my imagination.

The almost complete artworks portfolio is exhibited in other on-line galleries to name a few:…ery/0305.cfm…vladimir.htm

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