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Guests » MANSCO Elizabeth

MANSCO Elizabeth, Gibraltar

alt: MANASCO Elizabeth


„Digital Painting-Mansco Style“

Elizabeth Mañasco born in 1959 in Gibraltar. Graduated in „Visual Arts“ 1979, and a Graphic Designer since 1992. Freelance.

Commercial Services: Graphic Design – Web Media – Multimedia

Fascinated by the final result of digital work. Likes 3D images, „fractals“, portraits, abstracts, etc. Loves photography. Original Mono-Print, Limited Edition, signed by artist and attached with a Certificate-of-Authenticity.


In 1995 she began experimenting with computer graphics and discovered a whole new world of self expression and ways of combining her traditional skills, passion for drawing, painting and photography with digital techniques.

„With the computer I find a personal artistic tool and a means to express my sensibility, capturing scenes and special moments“.,

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