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TETLOW Jim, Australia

alt: TETLOW Jim


Born in 1974, grew up in Leicestershire, England. Graduated with a diploma in graphic design, 1996. Working in fine art (including sculpture), digital art, graphic design and various forms inbetween, illustrating book covers and numerous CD covers. Also works in musical soundscaping, both solo and in group projects, of which there are many releases. Currently residing in New South Wales, Australia.


Over the last decade has been developing his art in pursuit of deeper understanding of unique aesthetics. There are many facets of his style, any of which can be combined into new directions. „I like ambiguity in art. Uncertainty.What has to conform to the limits of our reality? Metal, glass and flesh can merge seamlessly, as if the surreal worlds and the life forms within are one and the same, and yet at odds sometimes. I rarely seek to endow my works with any "message“. I am more interested in people's personal responses." ,

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